About us

Sukuul Online Examination Center is your ultimate online revision Examination Center' where a student is able to attempt comprehensive complete revision tests and be able to gauge their perfomance instantly.

Sukuul Online Examination Center is part of the Sukuul e-Learning Center Platform' Which is fully dedicated to Examinations and Assessments for all classes, and all examinations bodies locally and internationally.


Full Examination Set-up, You can find all past KCPE and KCSE examination papers within this platform, which your candidate child can comfortably attempt and get graded automatically.

Everything a school needs to set examinations on - There are Daily quizzes, Regulat Assessments Tests, Monthly Assessments Test and Final Joint Mock papers'which students can continously revise and get graded easily. Everything your child needs for revision, or everything you need as a school to set standard examinations tests online, you will find it all here regadless of your examination body or type.